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Leonidas & Hobbes - Aranath EP

Leonidas & Hobbes - Aranath EP

SKU: HM015

With an almost lightning-fast Kickstarter campaign* in its tail-lights, Edinburgh’s Hobbes Music label follows up the success of Jacksonville’s ace FON EP and Gaming’s quirky (and no less ace) debut album, Scenes From A Deserted City with a new release from Leonidas & Hobbes, the label’s 15th release.

Leonidas & Hobbes make a timely return with Aranath EP, 3 years after Web Of Intrigue (from 3rd EP The Rags Of Time) was voted No. 1 in Bill Brewster's 2017 DJ History poll. Delivering a follow-up to many people’s 2017 summer anthem has been something of a protracted process, not least due to Covid and the 400 miles between them.

Aranath features the hugely talented multi-instrumentalist Riad Abji and his virtuoso cello & tanpura raga, which inspired the duo to create 4 mixes, combining Riad's Eastern lament with classic house and ambient techno. The full release is complemented by the tropical flavours of Into It and Out Of It**. The previously unreleased ambient mix of Web of Intrigue rounds off what can certainly be described as a 'deep' release.

The sleeve art was inspired by a 19th Century Indian Jain painting and created over the course of many obsessive evenings at the height of lockdown (as was some of the audio). Needless to say, the whole project has helped to keep everyone sane through these crazy months...

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