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We are happy and delighted to present the new single from LARS BARTKHUN “ HUMAN “ on Visions RecordingsWe ‘ve been friends and fan of his music from way back when he was producing house on NEEDS Records and we have been collecting his records for many years . His unique sound and way to make records  made us want to release music from this true master and here we are now with this beautiful 12 minute’s journey into electronic jazz house fusion.No need to introduce him , the best way is to listen and if you are checking the 1minute 30 seconds snippet to decide whether you like it or not , then make no mistake this won’t represent the amazing work of this sublime piece of art . Lars is a genuine person and a deep soul . We are immensely grateful too to be able to release incredible music on our label and this single is again the proof there is still deep music made by talented musicians to appeal to listeners and dancers. Enjoy the ride…Another great release for Visions Recordings in 2019. Watch out for more goodies in the near future .

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