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Lady Blackbird Remix Dubplate #002

Lady Blackbird Remix Dubplate #002


Foundation Music Productions take two of the standout tracks from Lady Blackbird’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Black Acid Soul’ and enlist the expertise of some of Jazz’s finest talents, Greg Foat and Emma-Jean Thackray, to step up and remix these absorbing cuts.

On the A side, the much-revered London based, jazz and electronic composer/producer Emma-Jean Thackray delivers a downtempo and entrancing remix of ‘Blackbird’, flexing the jazz elements of the original into a smooth and encapsulating mix that's primed to lose yourself in.

Head to the B to find Greg Foat’s irresistibly smooth production touch with his remix of ‘Collage’, layering floaty percussion, dreamy organ chords and delicate guitars to create a sun-kissed, laid back vibe that shines a light on the scintillating vocals.

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