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Kuniyuki, Marcus Henriksson & J.a.k.a.m. - The DNA Sessions

Kuniyuki, Marcus Henriksson & J.a.k.a.m. - The DNA Sessions

SKU: MT026

In 2017-2018 Japanese musician Kuniyuki Takahashi joined forces with his Swedish friend Marcus Hen- riksson (half of Son Kite / Minilogue) for a few jam sessions that were recorded in Tokyo in late 2017 and later digitally released by the artists themselves. The sessions were as they called it “an improvised live recordings..” And out of them came the d-N-A Sessions. Being friends of both musicians, the mysterious JAKAM (with 2 releases already on MT) decided to edit and rework 2 of the jam-session tracks… Using his unique sonic aesthetics, playing a lot of percussion rhythms and overlaying them on existing acid parts and drum machines, the result is breath- taking… Two tribal house Big Room cuts, for peak time club or festival set… Nothing like you’ve ever heard before…

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