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King Britt presents Sraddha - Believe EP

King Britt presents Sraddha - Believe EP


King Britt appears as Sraddha for the second release on Rekids offshoot
Stranger In The Night entitled ‘Believe EP’, following a notable debut release
from Radio Slave.

King Britt, of course, is a long-time house head who brings his Philly roots and a
real sense of musical soul to his timeless and feel good grooves. Here he
introduces Sraddha on four fantastic new cuts that ooze quality from start to finish.
Fantastic opener ‘Believe’ is a shimmering house cut with well treated vocals that
bring an eerie quality to the warm, deep drums. The ‘No Drums’ version is an
intimate bit of late-night mood-setting that creates a dreamy ambiance.

The excellent ‘Memories’ is perfectly off-balance deep house, with live sounding
drums and gorgeous synth puddles, deft leads and a romantic feel that is perfect
for cosy dance floors. Last of all, the gorgeous ‘You’re All I Need’ sinks you into a
reverie over eight soft-focus minutes of persuasive hand claps and withering
chords, subtle sci-fi motifs and plenty of real musicality that is often all too rare in
modern house music.

Once again King Britt’s unique sense of class really shines through on these most
authentic and soulful house tracks.

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