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Kevin Knapp & Hutchtastic - Plump Sounds EP

Kevin Knapp & Hutchtastic - Plump Sounds EP


Plump is fat positive, sex positive, queer positive, feminist and anti racist with a focus on centering underrepresented and marginalized voices. Think feminist Ghetto Tech, uplifting while militant, raw and empowering. A place of refuge for everyone who has ever felt unseen or excluded no matter gender, colour or creed.

Plump is about an attitude and ethos, more than it is attached to a genre specific sound. Plump is about radical acceptance. Plump is a return to the origins of dance music as a space for people from all walks of life to be able to come together, embrace joy, pleasure and be free to truly be themselves.

Plump is a creative partnership and collaboration between Kevin Knapp and Jessica “Hutch” Hutcheson, AKA Hutchtastic. Hutch is a visual artist, vocalist, Detroit native, burgeoning producer and overall performer and art personality. Kevin Knapp is music producer, DJ and vocalist, with a slew of releases on formidable labels in the dance music industry.

Kevin also has a new streaming show on Dirtybird Live called Plump’d. The Plump’d livestream show originates from Berlin and is created by Kevin & Hutch.

Kevin says
"Plump'd is an opportunity I've been gifted in the wake of the world shutting down due to the pandemic. Life is funny that way when life closes some doors it opens others. I've been given the opportunity to host a show every Saturday night during the prime time slot, on Dirtybird's Twitch channel for Dirtybird Live. Each week my hope is to have artists I respect, revere, and consider a friend to come on and play some music with me, just for the love of the music. The show is named after our new record label and carries with it the label's ethos of going back to the roots of dance music as a place of radical acceptance."

Keep it big. Keep it sexy. Keep it Plump.

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