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Kassian - 8th Movement EP (ft. Leo Pol Remix)

Kassian - 8th Movement EP (ft. Leo Pol Remix)


Kassian are back on Heist with a follow up to their debut release ‘The Premise’ from 2018. Their new ‘8th Movement’ EP showcases their knack for a tight dance floor groove and is another great example of their well-groomed electronic funk. The EP features 3 originals and a Leo Pol remix. The Kassian boys have worked like maniacs to build their profile since their debut in 2018. Their debut title track ‘The Premise’ was nominated track of the year by Gilles Peterson, and their track ‘Bad Habit’ has been a staple in DJ sets from us and many others. Meanwhile, they’ve had releases on ‘Phonica White’, ‘Groovence’ and started their own label ‘Kassian Versions’ with some heavy edits. They also started a radio show on ‘Balamii’, instantly becoming one of the station’s favorite shows and they’ve worked on charity compilations for Covid19 and the United Nations Women’s charity, while still finding the time to deliver a seriously cool new record on Heist. Apollo is built around a bumpin’ disco bassline, hazy stabs, vocal chops and a deceptively simple but oh- so-catchy lead loop. The track also features some nifty keys and percussion by Thomas Arroyo, who produces afro-inspired house under the name Laroye and has really succeeded in giving the track an added layer of warmth and expression. This track has everything you need for a solid party anthem: A solid beat, a catchy bassline and just the right amount of chops, fills and vocals. The title track takes a deeper turn, with some lovely Motor City inspired chords, rolling drums and their soon-to-be signature surprise move of a driving acid line. A hit of a ‘dubby’ piano and a vocal chant both move in and out and of the forefront, adding some really nice layers to the heads down vibe of the track.

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