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KARYA - Muz Ze Skla

KARYA - Muz Ze Skla

SKU: SC#1201

Up next for release on Smiling C is an anomalous release from Czechoslovakia in the early '90s. Jindřich Parma created Muž Ze Skla (The Man Of Glass) as a studio project to release on his own label. It was also intended to be the first release of 'Karya', a now prolific singer in the region. But the single never actually featured the 'Karya' we know today, and the vocals present on the record are from an anonymous studio singer. Karya came in to fill in the role laid down by Jindřich.

A good blend of dreamy synths and spoken word mixed with choir samples. It seems to be one of the few house records of it's style coming from Czechoslovakia during that era and with good reason. Labels like Supraphon dominated the electronic music industry during the communist party rule through the '70s & '80s. In 1990, Czechoslovakia had it's first free elections in nearly 45 years. What came of it was the installation of a new democratic party, and new opportunities for artists like Jindřich to release the music they wanted to. The original 7" of 'Muž Ze Skla' was delicately holding itself as a soon to be invisible symbol of historical celebration of the new creative freedoms that came with the end of the old government regime. Now reissued for the first time on a 12".

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