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Kamasi WASHINGTON/GREGORY PORTER - Kai Alce Interpretations

Kamasi WASHINGTON/GREGORY PORTER - Kai Alce Interpretations

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NDATL owner Kai Alce has been responsible for some of the most musically expansive deep house of recent years, so you'd expect this sneaky double-album of previously unheard revisions to be pretty darn hot. It is, of course, with Alce offering up sublime takes on tracks by modern greats Kamasi Washington and Gregory Porter. Check first his gently breezy and sun-kissed Latin house take on Washington's "Askim", before reveling in the hot-stepping jazz-funk/Afro-house fusion of Alce's revision of Porter's "On My Way To Harlem". Over on the second disc, Alce offers alternative instrumental and edited versions of these headline-grabbing remixes. The "Thundercat Dub" of "Askim" is particularly alluring, though we've also been enjoying the ten-minute, solo-heavy "Extended Instrumental" of "On My Way To Harlem". Superb.

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