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Junior Sanchez Featuring Dajae Be With U 2.0

Junior Sanchez Featuring Dajae Be With U 2.0


One of the world’s premier house DJs, Junior Sanchez re-imagines one of his early classics, releasing ‘Be With U 2.0 (feat. Dajae)’ via Club Sweat.

As a passionate advocate of preserving the spirit of house music Junior Sanchez mixes ingredients of the 1999 original, situating the warm buoyant bass underneath Dajae’s fervent and impassioned vocals, while implementing spirited sax tones for a soul-fulfilling affair.

An iconic anthem that has lit up dancefloors for over two decades, is served dance music justice with its rebirth. Junior Sanchez bestows the ‘Be With U’ gift upon a new generation, coupled with remixes from Yolanda Be Cool and Dance System.

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