Following hot on the heels of the sold-out Joaquin Joe Claussell Unofficial Edits & Overdubs PT 2 comes what is in our humble opinion, one of our dopest sevens of the series to date. The A side alone, which is not included on the Unofficial Edits Project, is a dope jam was specially selected out of Joe Claussell’s collection, and is unknown to many-shares in great company with another dope edit and overdub that’s on the B side. This will be a must have for anyone who’s looking for other dope music, but especially for the many 7” collectors that reside out in the world. The trouble, however, is that there won’t be enough to fill the demand. But The good news is that there’s a free download s an associated with this release.
Don’t Sleep!

Joaquin Joe Claussell Unofficial Edits & Overdubs PT 3 of 4 Special 7inch



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