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Joan Bibiloni - Re-Born DJ Sotofett / Telephones Remixes

Joan Bibiloni - Re-Born DJ Sotofett / Telephones Remixes


When you find DJ Sotofett and Telephones on remix duties for the mighty Joan Bibiloni it's sure to be a treat. For the 22nd installment in the Saft series, two of Bibiloni's greatest numbers from "Born" (1989), are re-imagined for the occasion.
Sotofett opens up the A-side with an extended version of Bibiloni's "El Sur". Clocking in just under twelve minutes, the so-called "mastermix" is a version in the vein of the extended disco singles from the era of the original. Sotofett's supernatural dancefloor touch centers around Bibiloni's guitar-licks that gently slide along and communicate with the other elements of the original. This is a version to close a night with - or better yet - to close a summer set just before sundown.
The B-side contains a reworked version of "Sa Fosca" by another Norwegian artist: Telephones. "Telephones Coastal Dub", is another lengthy endeavor. The ten (and something) minutes long venture keeps in line with the Mallorcan character of the Bibiloni sound, while giving it a subtle touch of dancefloor, complete with the signature lead of the original as the focal point. The extensive intro and the balance between breeziness and firmness is sharply done and will make sure that the version can find its way into numerous settings.

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