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Joakim - Second Nature: Wild Mixes

Joakim - Second Nature: Wild Mixes


This is an appetizer : 4 “club” mixes of new tracks from Joakim’s forthcoming album Second Nature, all re-mixed by the man himself, navigating between hypnotic Techno, trance-inducing Downtempo and percussive New Beat. This is probably Joakim’s most ambitious project so far. An album about our relationship to Nature to make it short or how Western civilization disconnected Nature from Culture. Every song was born using field recordings as a basis canvas, the sounds of Nature are the lead voice here. A nature that is transformed, sublimized, questioning our ideas of what’s artificial, what’s the wilderness, the place of humans in the age of the Anthropocene and painting a psychedelic landscape to open our ears and our hearts. The artwork features a lenticular print (2 images in 1) showing Naruto, a monkey who took a selfie using a photographer’s camera who later tried to claim the copyright of that image. That claim raised questions whether copyright can be extended to “non-humans” and was ultimately rejected by the U.S. Copyright Office who specifically listed ‘a photograph taken by a monkey’ as an example of an item that cannot be copyrighted.

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