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Jimpster - Soul Spectral EP

Jimpster - Soul Spectral EP

SKU: FR265

2021 is a milestone year for Jimpster and the label he founded with Tom Roberts back in 1996. It was never going to be plain sailing all the way but their passion for discovering, making and releasing the music they love has seen them pushing into their 25th year with more enthusiasm and determination than ever before. Ahead of the release of his fifth LP, a four vinyl Jimpster Anthology and Remix EP we dive head first into the deepness of his Soul Spectral EP.

The title track is widescreen, late-night house music at it’s most evocative. Crackling Rhodes chords hang suspended in the air like morning mist on Hackney Marshes while Greg Paulus’ lilting trumpet spins us out into the stratosphere. Live percussion courtesy of Laroye adds an organic depth to the track, creating just the kind of loose, enveloping groove that Jimpster loves to draw us into.

Sanguine continues the theme of sublime, heartfelt music for the body and soul, bringing together glacial synths, chopped piano samples with a simple, driving house groove which you will be more than happy to get lost in.

Flipping over we have Think Of You Always, a more uptempo house jam but one that stays true to the ethereal mood of the release. Textured layers come in and out of focus giving just a fleeting glimpse before fading into the shadows. Some elements floating across the 6/8 rhythm ambiguously whilst others are locked machine-like to the rigid pulse of the kick drum.

Rounding off this special release we have Jimpster’s own Dub mix of Soul Spectral which pairs things back to the rhythmic elements, stripping away the harmonic elements to let Greg’s beautiful shiny trumpet take centre stage.

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