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Jimpster - Smile For A While EP

Jimpster - Smile For A While EP

SKU: FR259

With his One EP still getting love from the likes of Spinna, Jamie 3:26, Joey Negro, Osunlade and many more, Jimpster strikes back with another release to lift spirits during these unprecedented times. Produced during the first few weeks of the worldwide lockdown, it was his intention to
spread a message of positivity and optimism which can be felt on title track Smile For A While. The overall mood of the track has a slightly ambiguous yet heartening tonality, with a filtered looping vocal sample taking centre stage whilst piano lines and analogue arpeggios layer up adding depth and texture. The subtle and seductive groove will draw you in and its warmth and soul will make sure you smile for a while.

Flipping over we have Echoes In My Head which takes a more percussive approach based around a rolling bassline and crunchy live hihats. Taking a slightly darker route, Echoes In My Head feels like Jimpster has successfully managed to get all his influences to meld together perfectly to form something cohesive and substantial. His love of 90’s ‘intelligent techno’, On-U sound, early US house, ambient, all going in the melting pot and forming a track which we’re sure will be something of a secret weapon for many DJ’s. Just the kind of track that can completely hypnotise a discerning dance-floor during the hazy hours.

Closing out the three track EP we have the Head In The Clouds Mix, which is an alternate version of Echoes In My Head which heads in a more soulful direction. Piano chords and a bending bassline grab your attention whilst a percussion-heavy groove and dubby elements create space and depth to draw you in and ensure you get lost in its heady confines.

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