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JiMMi Hendrik & MARIA Die RUHE - Don’t Be Careful EP

JiMMi Hendrik & MARIA Die RUHE - Don’t Be Careful EP

SKU: onu001

"DON ́T BE CAREFUL" There are two types of being careful - one means to take care of your environment, the people around you - totally appropriate. The other is to hold yourself back from your potential - motivated by fear or a lack of self confidence - totally inappropriate. When JIMMI HENDRIK and MARIA Die RUHE met it was immediately clear they needed to collaborate on a piece of music. The track is their symbol for a prolific friendship - sounding the message of total acceptance for everything that occurs. This first release on the newly founded label, “ONU RECORDS”, is seasoned with a big portion of humor. It cheekily reflects beliefs about role models and releationships. Coming with 3 remixes by JiMMi Hendrik, FILBURT and NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE, the VINYL EP is truly a special banger for the dancefloor. For all lovers and those who might become them. DON ́T BE CAREFUL.

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