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Jehan / Donnie Moustaki - Cool Man Nazz EP

Jehan / Donnie Moustaki - Cool Man Nazz EP


After winning over the disco scene in the last five years, Masterworks Music has branched and launched sister label Deep Cutz. And the first release, a five-track EP from Jehan and Donnie, lives up to the name brilliantly.
After an atmospheric intro that hints at the deep, jazz-laced house masterclass to come, it's straight into business with Donnie Moustaki's 'Saturnian Beer' and 'Lady 2000' by Jehan on the A-Side.
Donnie's lead track is full of fluttering arps, dusty kicks and claps and a hazy sunset glow brought on by piano solos and soaring brass. We're not sure what a Saturnian Beer is, but we'll have a four-pack on this evidence, please. 'Lady 2000' meanwhile is a filter-disco groove monster, all live bass action, tippy-tappy percussion and deep house chords.
The B-Side keeps up the momentum on the Deep Cutz EP as Donnie Moustaki and Jehan collaborate on 'Cool Man Nazz.' With a funkier, slower tempo and chunky, driving drums, it's perfect warm-up material to get the toes tapping and the heads nodding.
The EP closes out with Donnie Moustaki's 'Rock Bottom' which goes full-on jazz, all Art Blakey drum rolls, headsnapping bass and righteous piano swirls.

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