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Jazzanova - I'm Still Here Remixes

Jazzanova - I'm Still Here Remixes


Jazzanova released their 3rd album “The Pool” on Sonar Kollektiv in 2018. It evolved from various loose jam sessions, mixing up synthesised sounds, samples and real instrumentation. Many singers where involved incl. Edward Vanzet from Australia, who was also asked to provide lyrics. Which he did creating the song “I’m Still Here” giving the tune a Yacht-rock west coast feeling. I always felt the song was one of the strongest of the whole album so I asked some peeps to do remixes for my label Best’s Friends. German A-List remixer Larse gives the whole thing a pop feeling with an Italo-disco touch in his both versions. While Winnie & Somow from Berlin go for a more organic approach looking for that sun-rise House tune on a beach-rave or wherever. I think this remix package has something for every one in it - Daniel W. Best

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