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Jaymz Bedford - Just Keep My Boogie

Jaymz Bedford - Just Keep My Boogie

SKU: GMD7003

Pure unadulterated boogie fire from the Gold Mink vaults, which combined the power of James Bedford with the production genius of Roy Ayers back in ’81. With original copies trading hands for £150+ it’s high time a remastered and officially licensed reissue came around.
A firm favourite of the likes of Mr Scruff and Sadar Bahar, ‘Just Keep My Boogie’ is that uplifting slice of boogie that is a tried and tested dancefloor bomb. The brightest of funk keys dance around delicious little guitar licks as those infectious vocals burrow their way into your brain.
Take to the B side for another staple, and go-to gem, for some of the biggest around including, Antal, Hunee, Ge-ology and Sadar Bahar. ‘Happy Music’ is one of those funk-heavy, mesmerising cuts that seemingly evaporates all prior worries and instantly injects the urge to dance, no matter the scenario.
Two certified must-haves on either side of a 12 inch, gold for sure.

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