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Jamie Jones & Nicole Moudaber - Pepper Shake

Jamie Jones & Nicole Moudaber - Pepper Shake


Two of house and techno’s most-established talents collaborate on their debut release together, as Hot Creations head Jamie Jones teams up with Mood Records boss Nicole Moudaber on Pepper Shake.

Short, sweet and with no filler involved, Pepper Shake gets us underway swiftly, and the name certainly does the track justice. Up-tempo hats whistle beside a driving bassline, before a female vocal reels in and out. The styles of both artists are present throughout, with Jamie’s signature groove providing the foundation and Nicole’s deeper techno style coming through in the synths. Bubble Ride completes the release. Dark, gritty and harder-edged than its predecessor, this is a stripped-back peak-time club cut, with a penetrating bassline and hard-hitting kick patterns. The occasional pulse of an atmospheric sample further enhances the body of the track, to form something that’s built solely for the dancefloor.

As a world-renowned DJ and producer, head of Hot Creations and founder of the global Paradise event series, Jamie Jones has etched out a legacy in electronic music that few others can attest to. His personally curated Paradise series offers an international showcase of house and techno’s most recognisable artists, whilst his flagship label, Hot Creations, continues to pioneer a contemporary house sound. At the forefront of the MOOD brand, with offshoots including a record label (Mood Records), warehouse parties (MoodRAW), festival stages (MoodZONE) and a renowned global radio show (In the MOOD), Nicole Moudaber has rightfully established herself as a worldwide techno mainstay.

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