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Italian Disco Machine Vol​.​2

Italian Disco Machine Vol​.​2


Samosa Records once again lights the Olympic Groove Torch, this time with a follow up to the hugely successful Italian Disco Machine Vol. 1.

The stellar line-up for this gorgeous slice of wax features Samosa label co-owner Les Inferno, Shamako, M.B. Edit and CeZar – all bringing different and unique flavours to this ‘Festival dell’Italo Funk.

First up on the A-Side is Les Inferno with ‘Boogie Bones’ (which could easily be Les Inferno’s alternative ‘soprannome’). Coming in at 125bpm we’re straight in with this groove. The ride is quickly mapped out as it motors from the intro through to the sublime funky bassline. This has Les Inferno’s prints over it; with his laser-sights firmly on a delivering a perilously funky, disco bath-bomb to soap up any dance floor. The rhythm bone is connected to the boogie bone, and don’t you forget it!

A2 is ‘I Like To Love’ - a sultry, sassy, sexual chocolate fountain of a track from Shamako, who hails from the Italian province of Macerata. This track oozes with cool downtempo funk tones. The languid bassline acts as the river current whilst the synth stabs, sensual sax and soaring strings carry you along the banks. The delicious vocal enters at a perfect moment – expertly combining the tight arrangement which swiftly travels into funky guitar territory. If you like your slow groove as sexy as Sophia Loren coated in a champagne glaze, this is going to be your go-to track. A pure delight.

Starting proceedings on the B-Side is Samosa favourite M.B. Edit with ‘All Night’. An absolute mid-tempo rump shaker, the pulsating synth bass and filtered organ builds with an outrageous low-end beat that really tests the speakers. Filthy guitar licks combine with a contagious vocal chant of “funk and soul, all night!” to lay the ground for one of the funkiest riffs you’re likely to hear. This, boys and girls is what Samosa is all about.

Closing things off on the B-side is CeZar with the trumpet-laden chugger, ‘Dancin’ & Feel Good’. A thigh slappin’, foot tappin’ jam flavoured boogie monster that connects the bridge from disco to funk, only to blow it up again. The beat grabs you instantly, as does the feisty, thrusting brass ensemble. Within no time at all the track explodes into a full-on cloud burst of funk which has you completely under its spell. Don’t resist it. The perfect cherry to top the most delicious Italian Funky cake.

A fierce four tracker which delights, bedazzles and enchants in equal measure, Italian Disco Machine Vol. 2 cements Samosa Records’ place as one of the hottest labels out there right now. Grab it while you can!

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