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INSTANT HOUSE - Awade: Ah Wa Day

INSTANT HOUSE - Awade: Ah Wa Day

SKU: JS 17

A seminal slab of tribal house in its truest form, massive at nights like Body & Soul and consistently drawn for ever since; Joe Claussell's rare remix of his own group Instant House's 92 cult cut "Awade" gets a limited treatment on the Jungle Sounds reissue series. Still just as humid, sexy and bewildering with its rattling percussion, powerful vocal textures and rolling bassline, all laced together with Joe's perennial spiritual signature, this still sounds incredible 27 years down the line. And it comes complete with the previously unreleased "Drum Box Demo" and a selection of creative mix tools. An incredible 45, grab it while you can. This is the very rare light aqua blue vinyl copy still sealed.

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