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Inkswel Astral Love

Inkswel Astral Love


Being one of the finest exports Australia has to offer, Jules ‘Inkswel’ Habib has become very well respected the world over for his excellent musical output and undying dedication to his art.

Countless Inkswel recordings, remixes, and collaborations circulate the airwaves and internet as project after project surges through with an unstoppable force. Inkswel is a prolific artist, known for his superb album trio on BBE Records, his relentless cooperative EPs & collaborations on Rush Hour, Boogie Angst, Wolf Music & Oye, and recent output with Pugz Atoms on Jazzanova’s own Sonar Kollketiv imprint. Jules reaches even further as he launches “Inner Tribe”, his own labels boasting artists such as Ahu, Planetself with his amazing wife and vocalist Charli Umami, Kid Sublime, Stan Smith & Colonel Red to name only a few. knowing himself that working with great talent makes great music.

His latest album offering Astral Love on ARCo. is an outstanding 9 song Long-player featuring a plethora of brilliant artist backing up his bouncy-rough-cuts. Naming only a few, you will find maestros such as Dwight Trible, Stan Smith & Andrew Ashong among many others who elevate this album to great heights.

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