Japanese label Ladybug continues where their celebrated debut split EP 'SF TRAXX #1' by Altz and Igaxx began last year.

For their second 12", we find ourselves immersed in a solo production from Igaxx As with his contributions to the first release, we're enveloped in perfectly crafted, richly textured afrocentric deepness. With Detroit signatures, and a roots House spirit throughout, these tracks really sound timeless. Hugo Capablanca (boss man @ Discos Capablanca), met Igaxx on a recent tour of Japan as DJ unit C.P.I. After hearing the tracks, he was happy to work on this spectacular remix of 'Ugachi' clocking in at over 10 minutes and featuring poetry by Narumi Hérrison (Japanese artist living in France) plus field recordings captured in Kyoto by Hugo himself. Delivering a dark and psychedelic minimal workout, which perfectly compliments the originals.




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