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Howie Lee - At The Drolma Wesel-Ling Monastery

Howie Lee - At The Drolma Wesel-Ling Monastery


Beijing-based artist/producer Howie Lee interprets Tibetan Buddhist chants on his new album 'At The Drolma Wesel-Ling Monastery', the follow up to 2021's critically acclaimed 'Birdy Island'.

Recorded over two weeks at Drolma Wesel-Ling Monastery in the mountains of north-eastern Tibet, Beijing-based multi-disciplinary artist/producer, Howie Lee combines Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist singing with Kode9-channeling bass/footwork science, glitched-out hyper-rhythms and sampled Chinese-Tibetan instrumentation for his latest album on Mais Um.

Invited to contribute and interpret chant recordings from the sound archive of monastery founder and master, Tuga Rinpoche's self-built recording studio, Howie Lee connects parallels in electronic music, deep meditation and devotional chanting to present eight reconstructed, IDM-warpedVajrayanamantras, journaling the beginnings of his journey into buddhism, and to continue Lee's career-long threading of ancient, cross-generational practice, modern Chinese history and experimental club-futurism.

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