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Hot Toddy Still We Are EP

Hot Toddy Still We Are EP


Crazy P’s Hot Toddy screeches through the gates of House Of Disco, whacks on the handbrake and delivers a carepackage of all killer, no filler disco house. Slicker than slick, these four cuts go full power from the off, with that full-frontal production weight that Hot Toddy is renowned for.
Side A kicks off with a tropical disco tinge via ‘Synthesize’, sweeping vocals and all, before ‘Wilde Touch’ takes things bass heavy, for a turbocharged ‘80s influenced cut.
Flip it over to find, ‘Still We Are’ a dreamlike balearic number with Hot Toddy sailing out into the open seas and finally ‘Positive Emotion’ where Crazy P queen, Danielle Moore joins for a peaktime stomper.

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