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Heidy P - Elevate / Help Me Find My Way

Heidy P - Elevate / Help Me Find My Way


Rocksteady Disco is elated to welcome Heidy P for its 42nd record and Heidy P's first solo release! For ELEVATE + HELP ME FIND MY WAY it's House, House, and more House; and Heidy's effervescent personality shines through from the very beginning of the release with the peak hour Latin Jazz tinged "Elevate". "Help Me Find My Way" is next, on a more gospel and soulful tip thanks to uplifting vocals from Seta. Moving onto the flip side, RSD mainstay Pontchartrain takes "Help Me Find My Way" even deeper, complete with a DJ Tool outro. The Carry Nation close out the release with a more bugged out and breaky take of "Elevate" for the freaks.

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