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Harry Wolfman - Sly Contrast EP

Harry Wolfman - Sly Contrast EP


Harry Wolfman has been a staple member of the Dirt Crew family since his debut collaboration with Loz Goddard in 2016. We’ve since seen considerable growth with EPs on Phonica’s “Karakul”, “Omena” and “Outplay” all lending a hand to the development of his signature sound into its now established lo-fi style, delving into a range of genres… ethereal ambience, electro and left-field rhythms, and of course deep, often break beat laden house grooves. This new EP is no exception, Harry drops some irresistible dance tunes with “Walk With Me” and the banging title track “Sly Contrast” but also explores the boundaries of his palette with the vocal interludes “A21z” and the majestic “Courage” featuring the voice of “Mona Vale”, dipping a toe into the floaty world of lo-fi pop. We also find ambient and Jazz elements cleverly combined in “Fhloston Paradise”. And the closing drum break joint “Wokit Shep” loops live drums, strings, piano and brass elements, twirling towards a majestic finale reminiscing dusty jazzy Trip Hop and instrumental Hip Hop pieces. This record offers hope for better times… we are really glad to have Harry back with these strong tunes and can’t wait to hear these out again on a juicy sound system. Enjoy!

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