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GU aka GLENN UNDERGROUND - Classiques Volume Sixteen

GU aka GLENN UNDERGROUND - Classiques Volume Sixteen


Given the depth of his crates and the sheer number of personal re-edits he's made over the years, you'd expect that Glenn Underground's ongoing "GU Classiques" series of edits and obscurities could run almost indefinitely. This sixteenth volume begins with "Love Dancing (GU Edit)", a warm and woozy scalpel rework of a particularly glassy-eyed cover version of Dinosaur classic "Is It All Over My Face?", before treating us to what appears to be an unedited version of the Brothers epic disco-funk workout "Under The Skin". Over on side B it's all about Dr Buzzard Band, with the jaunty, piano-heavy "Didn't I Love You Girls" following on from the similarly eccentric and loveable disco/jazz-funk affair "The Seven Year Itch".

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