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Gregor YAN - Earth

Gregor YAN - Earth


Three years ago, Gregor Yan made his debut on DeepExplorer with a fine collection of jazz-informed deep house and downtempo workouts. This belated follow-up, an eight-track set that officially counts as the producer's debut album, explores similar sonic territory. Those in search of dusty, hazy and deliciously organic jazz-house should check the mid-tempo warmth of 'Exchange', the piano-laden slow-motion sweetness of 'If She Knew', the mazy Rhodes solos of 'Brother D' and the organ-smothered positivity of 'MLK' (which does, as you'd expect, sample an old Martin Luther-King speech), while those after more seductive, jazz-inclined lusciousness will revel in the haziness of 'Earth' and flute-splattered head-nodder 'Unknown Feelings'.

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