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Greg Henderson - Dreamin' (Orange Vinyl Repress)

Greg Henderson - Dreamin' (Orange Vinyl Repress)


Absolutely flawless Boogie sounds on NYC's SAM Records from 1982, Greg Henderson's "Dreamin" was licensed from the tiny Rain Records label and no doubt gained some invaluable exposure to the early 80's post Disco club scene that was in full swing at that time. Breezy, soulful, sweet and most importantly of all - funky, "Dreamin" is an absolute pleasure to the ears.

Greg Henderson only released a handful of records during his career (including the incredible Henderson & Whitfield - "Dancing to the beat") and was also involved in the production of some other classic Boogie rarities (Masterforce - "Don't Fight The Feeling" , Rome Jeffries - "Good Love"). "Dreamin" has always been a sought after record, often fetching collectors prices of £100 - £200 a time. A sublime cut for all lovers of Disco, Boogie, Funk and Modern Soul. Now made available again, legitimately licensed, remastered and reissued in conjunction with SAM Records New York City.

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