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Glenn Davis - Special EP

Glenn Davis - Special EP


Glenn Davis returns to F*CLR for his 3rd EP on the label and all I can say is that this EP is an absolute killer. It’s been almost impossible to keep the lid on this house track of epic proportions for the last 12 months. Simple, effective and deadly, Ashley Beedle dropped the original on dubplate at one of the now legendary ‘Heavy Disco’ parties at the beginning of 2020 and the crowd lost their minds. Shazam went into meltdown and nobody could find the answer!
Glenn’s original harks back to the halcyon days of classic New York house - think Masters at Work, think Kerri Chandler, think Tony Humphries, think ‘category is taking it to church’. This is what ballroom beats are all about – attitude, realness and taking no prisoners. It really is a thing of beauty and has already gone into the realms of ‘classic’ with all the heads who have had the dubplate. It is the distillation of everything good about true house music – it remains faithful to the early pioneers’ vision of what they hoped house music would become.
Once again, the ‘North Street’ crew, Ashley Beedle, Darren Morris and Jo Wallace, flip the script on their ‘North Street West’ remix of ‘Special’ and inject a late 80’s toughness into the groove while bringing it bang up to date with chopped beats, nasty piano and a jacking tempo that ‘werks’ Glenn’s original track.

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