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GLEDD - Behind A Cloud

GLEDD - Behind A Cloud

SKU: SW 001

The first release on freshly minted rework/re-edit label Saint Wax comes courtesy of Gledd, an Italian producer who has previously beefed-up old disco, jazz-funk and boogie cuts for the likes of Masterworks Music, About Disco and Midnight Riot. In keeping with his other releases, the four cuts here are all house-style re-edits, meaning he's combined elements of old tracks with bombastic new beats. It's not a particularly complex formula, but it is one that works really well - especially on stand-out 'I Hold You', which sees Gledd successfully tool-up a Clavinet-sporting gospel disco number. Also worth checking is the more loopy, disco-house style opener 'Behind a Cloud' and sax solo-laden disco-funk jam 'Sweet Love'.

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