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Gigi Testa - Saudade for Salvador

Gigi Testa - Saudade for Salvador

SKU: WPM-010

Coming from emotional deep story,Saudade For Salvador marks number 10 release for World Peace Music which is nothing but something for this kind of release.
Inspired by Salvador Bahia and its beautiful culture this composition is also an extension of a beautiful spirit which doesn’t live on this planet anymore and it’s resting now in another dimension.Exploring Salvadorian rhythms and sounds
Gigi Testa has given birth to another deep organic music journey focused on the afro-brazilian tradition manipulating live instruments and electronic machines with respect.The result is a melodic storytelling with a powerful samba imprint.
“Spirit is Strong!" thats what Ron Trent exclaimed when he started to work on the track.The connection between Ron Trent and Gigi Testa was establish in 2013 Ron was one of the mentors which inspired Gigi's music journey ,They shared memorable nights djing together between Naples and Chicago.As brothers in rhythm there was no doubt Ron Trent was going to put all his magic into this deep music story named Romantic Flight Interpretation

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