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Full Pupp 15 Years Part 1 - EP

Full Pupp 15 Years Part 1 - EP

SKU: FP069

Full Pupp is 15 years old and we’re marking the occasion by inviting old and new friends to contribute a track each. Doc L Junior from Tromsø returns to our shores with a track that took us 15 years to get our hands on. Blackbelt Andersen made this fun little track for him to play out, now you can too. Bjørn was the first person I asked for music when I started the Full Pupp’s precursor label “Tamburin". It’s a true pleasure to finally have him on board. it only took 18 years. Dj Fett Burger as Dj Fett Birger rehashes an old remix he did of Prins Thomas.

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