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Fred P - Construction EP

Fred P - Construction EP


Rekids offshoot Stranger in The Night welcomes renowned underground mainstay Fred P for an incredible release complete with his signature depth.

Fred P ended 2019 under his Black Jazz Consortium alias with an album full of the lush musicality and worldly deep house grooves he’s known best for. His own name is reserved for more driving, club focused sounds, however, and in the past, he’s released on Secretsundaze, Finale Sessions, Mule Musiq, his now defunct Soul People imprint, not to mention his more recently minted Perpetual Sound. Few can nail a groove as heavy and hypnotic as this Berlin-based New Yorker, and the four tracks here highlight that once more.

'Turn Up' is built on immovable kick drums that roll and roll beneath a dark nebula of synths and pads. There is the atmospheric feel of factory floor automation in the groove and it never lets up. The lush 'Alphabet City' is less heavy, with more bright and cosmic pads lighting up a track that is airy and filled with a subtle sense of funk. 'Construction' takes things late into the night once more, with an edgy lead that is unsettling and paranoid as it pans about over a rooted kick drum that will lock the floor into a state of hypnosis. 'For The Dome' closes this fantastically compelling release with jittery, percussive drums that are softened by celestial synth work. In harmony, they make for perfectly escapist listening.

This is irresistible dance floor dynamite for those who like it deep.

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