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Fred Everything - L'Art de la Retenue EP

Fred Everything - L'Art de la Retenue EP

SKU: KCT1206

Madhouse Records returns with a new EP from Fred Everything, entitled ‘L’Art de la Retenue’ and featuring three originals from the Quebecois artist.

Montreal, Canada based Fred Everything is a stable in the contemporary deep house scene, with a back catalogue boasting material on the likes of 2020 Vision, Freerange, Local Talk and Drumpoet Community as well as helming his own Lazy Days Recordings for the past decade and a half. Here Fred joins the roster of Madhouse Records with his latest collection of soul infused house cuts.
‘Paradiso Petrudo’ leads, laying down a raw, swinging drum groove, crunchy bass stabs and a circling filtered chord sequence throughout while the latter stages ease in an airy resonant synth line and hazy atmospheric vocal chants.

Opening the b-side is ‘Lesson In Humility’, stripping things back to shuffled organic drums and cinematic strings alongside an amalgamation of bumpy bass hits, synth shots and bright piano chords. Last up is ‘Imagination & Determination’, taking things even deeper courtesy of hazy stab melodies, soaring vocal chants and fluttering strings atop a robust drum groove.

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