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Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director's Cut The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix)

Frankie Knuckles Pres. Director's Cut The Whistle Song (Cinthie Remix)


Berlin-based, DJ, label owner and record store head honcho, Cinthie, provides a sublime remix of Frankie Knuckles ‘The Whistle Song’ for Frankie Knuckles Day via SoSure Music, alongside the ‘Re-Directed’ Director's Cut version of the track.

Known and loved as ‘The Godfather Of House’, Frankie Knuckles’ pioneering sound inspired a movement of love across dancefloors of the Chicago warehouse and beyond. In retrospect of a career that spanned over four decades, there are moments that were pivotal to the movement of House Music and ultimately changed the course dance music forever. Frankie’s 1991 studio album ‘Beyond The Mix’ on Virgin Records, featured one particular moment that would remain in the hearts and minds of generations to come…

‘The Whistle Song’ went on to earn Frankie’s first US Dance Chart number one and has become one of house music’s most iconic and recognisable productions. More recently, the track has been ‘Re-Directed’ under the Director's Cut project that Frankie worked on with Eric Kupper; his long-time studio collaborator and close friend. With Frankie Knuckles Day approaching on 25th August, Cinthie now delivers a brand-new remix on this stone-cold classic.

Berlin based DJ and producer, label owner 803 Crystal Grooves and its sub-label Collective Cuts, we_r house, the Elevate record store and proud parent, Cinthie has grown to become one of the most revered and respected figures in contemporary electronic music in recent years. Her unfaltering drive and dedication to all things House alongside her wide spectrum of some of the most noteworthy vintage drum machines and synthesizers in existence, pinned her as an ideal candidate for a remix of this piece of dance music history.

Living up to exactly that, Cinthie’s remix is a divine update of the original, holding the iconic whistle sample at the forefront whilst including dreamy electronic blends that allow the track to be heard from all angles; peak time club moments, sunrise sets, garden raves, festivals and airwaves…. just in time for the positive times that are ahead.

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