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Franc Spangler - Next To You EP

Franc Spangler - Next To You EP


Franc Spangler makes a welcome and long overdue return to Delusions with a mighty-fine three tracker packed with the good stuff. The throbbing bump of the title track with it’s bouncing square-wave bassline and drifting stabs leads the charge, crunchy hats driving along the groove whilst a cut up vocal ratchets up the energy.

Flipping over we have Somewhere Else, a much deeper and jazzier affair based around a repeating four bar horn part. Never straying too far from the dance floor, Franc keeps things percussive and dynamic whilst conjuring up a moment of musical bliss, chiming synths dripping down like golden rays of sunshine on the densely textured orchestral layers.

Closing off the release, Dreamworld takes us by the hand on a tropical excursion, low slung beats punctuated by echoing xylophone riffs and Apito whistle. Dubby atmospherics and warm Juno106 chords give the track a Balearic mood perfect for the summer months ahead.

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