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Four Seasons Series EP 3

Four Seasons Series EP 3


Deepology presents the third EP of the ‘Four Seasons’ series. Four releases, vinyl only, each corresponding to a specific season of the year. Quality deep house gems & catalogue highlights from past and present.
The main track of the EP is ‘Moscow After Autumn Rain’ by Elastic Sound. The track originally released on Deepology back in autumn 2007 now re-mixed and re-shaped by Spanish deep house master Soul Minority. The remix is all about the still magnificence of the big city, cosy streets melting in the twilight, the smell of trees whatever comes up in your imagination.
On the B1 side is a track by Russians Acos CoolKas duo. The guys teamed up with vocalist Metropoliz to deploy this gentle piece of melodic sunshine delivered straight to your soul.
The B2 track, a summer tune called Beach, from Tek Killa form Athens - some quality stuff to fill the space around you with sunshine & sound.
Limited Edition of 300 copies. Pressed on black vinyl with white disco bag.

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