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Fouk - Truffles EP

Fouk - Truffles EP


We've got some good news for those hip shakin', booty breakin' lovers of bumpy house music: Fouk are back on Heist. Their new Truffles EP is packed with swinging goodness and comes with a jazzy Hugo LX remix. Nearly 2 years after their 'With Lasers' EP, we now give you the 'Truffles' EP. The A-side kicks off with the title track and instantly shows you a new side of Fouk. 'Truffles' is their take on what ravey piano house should sound like and it’s funky as hell. Meanwhile, 'I’ll be down' is about as Fouk as you can get. With their ever so sexy percussion, a moody vocal and synthy sprinkles all around, you hear so much of what makes their music so energetic and inspiring

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