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Floatmonki - Body No​.​1

Floatmonki - Body No​.​1

SKU: WW019

"With its aim to present the world the forward-striving sound of the Netherlands, record label Wicked Wax proudly presents 'Body No. 1' by local band Floatmonki as its eleventh vinyl release. An autobiographical album in a lyrical sense and a musical blend between jazz-fusion, prog rock and futuristic elements of soul.

As a brainchild of vocalist and composer Donna van Dijck, Floatmonki’s music tells intimate stories of rebirth, exploration and ardour, all rooted in a jazz-fusion framework. Body No 1. is no exception. Leading vocals serenade lush instrumentals. With introspective and heartfelt lyrics, the band invites you on an autobiographical journey through personal experiences of hardship, comfort and resolve. The rich sounding harmonies provided by rhythmic guitar riffs, piano melodies and captivating synths soundscapes make Body No. 1 elevate the listening experience to a degree where emotions almost become tangible.

Body No. 1 also draws parallels between nature and the artificial, as the electronic sounds soothing synths and pulsating bass lines are juxtaposed with emotions all humans experience in one point or another during their lifetime. The albums flows as flawless as water through a babbling brook, enriching the tangible emotions and the narrative of the story.

Hints of Bjork and 80s jazz fusion are topped off with Hiatus Kaiyote-esque aesthetics to create an ethereal feeling, undoubtedly leaving many listeners with a sense of empathy." - Mo Wrights 

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