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First Choice - Ain’t He Bad (Ralphi Rosario Mixes)

First Choice - Ain’t He Bad (Ralphi Rosario Mixes)


House music royalty right here! Brookside Music enlist Chicago’s Ralphi Rosario, founding member of the influential Hot Mix 5, to work his magic on First Choice’s ‘Ain’t He Bad’, with an extended disco mix and a reprise dub, alongside the original version.

The extended disco mix kicks things off with a DJ friendly, beefier, quantized drum pattern, echoed vocal refrains and heavenly swooping pads for a touch of Rosario style and added atmosphere. A refreshing update to this classic, purpose built to blast out on big systems worldwide.

Next up, Rosario offers a reprise dub adding spiritual stabs to the original piano, as First Choice’s whispers feed in and tension building strings gather momentum. Gradually elements of the percussion are added before the full force of the beat takes hold. The vocals, for the most part, are left to those delicate “Ain’t He Bad” phrases and rising harmonies, letting the expert instrumentation and arrangement sing. Another sure-fire, hands-in-the-air staple for the locker.

Last but not least, the original First Choice version completes the package, offering a third and final way to light up the dancefloor this summer.

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