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Faith Fanzine: Autumn 2020

Faith Fanzine: Autumn 2020


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Why bring back Faith in the middle of a pandemic - surely madness. Well we’re in a situation where a new generation of dance music enthusiasts and wider society is wanting to understand where our music and its culture originated from. Which was one of the main reasons Faith fanzine started back in 1999, the other being wanting to shine lights on new talent as much as paying homage for the old school. The old Faith mantra of ‘without watering your Roots the tree dies’ is as apt as ever and with the support of Defected we now enter the third stage of Faith and our manifesto of 'Real House music' still stands as strong and firm as ever.

Notably absent from the covers of Faith Fanzine over the last` 21 years, it gives us great pleasure to proudly kick off this new era with non-other than the boss Danny Tenaglia as our cover star. A hero to many of us here at Faith and still the king of DJs, it wouldn’t feel right not to acknowledge his influence on us. Inside you’ll read the results of an hour-long interview between Danny and Harry Romero. Additionally, we speak to the fabulous Broadway and Netflix star Billy Porter on his experiences at NYC clubs of the 90’s, catch up with Parisian Kiddy Smile, Northern institution Dave Beer, Ron Trent, showcase some new talent from Dee Diggs, Black Girl / White Girl. We look back at Ron Hardy and the Music Box, Giles Smith recounts time with Mike Huckerby and of course we pay tribute to Andrew Weatherall in a review of the final A Love From Outer Space. All of that, charts, quizzes and the usual comedic ramblings, house, house and more fucking house.

Keep The Faith.

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