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Fabrizio Esposito  - Aria EP

Fabrizio Esposito - Aria EP

SKU: PR 002

Fabrizio Esposito is back on Parlesia with another round of funkified house business. This time around he's offering up two mixes of impassioned ballad 'Aria', which becomes a powerful 'moment' track for the club in his hands. On the A side is the 'Disco mix', which straps on a steady, punchy beat and works with plenty of 80s synth touches that sit easy around the romantic swoon of the vocal. On the B side, things get more mixed up with the 'Acid dub mix'. As you might well expect, there's some serious 303 bubbling away in this version, but it's kept very much in harmony with the more tender qualities of the song, making for a soaring piece that might well find favour with a wide range of DJs.

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