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Erik Rico Presents 53rd Street Quintet

Erik Rico Presents 53rd Street Quintet

SKU: WS-014

Worldship Music celebrates their second release of 2024 in fine style with a brand new record by renowned artist and songwriter Erik Rico's 53rd Street Quintet. In addition to expanding the Worldship roster, this release also marks a stylistic branching out into a contemporary soulful house sound, one that Erik's neo-soul drenched style is closely associated with and one you can hear played in Worldship head honcho Aaron Paar's DJ sets. 
The 53rd Street Quintet drop three jams across the A side, each one embracing a live feel replete with funky instrumentation. Lead cut "The Arrival" layers shouted exaltations alongside hand drums, scratchy guitar licks, and deep chords for dancefloor pleasure. "The Offering" adds some Latin flair to the mix, with the piano and sax riding on top of the infectious drum rhythm sure to get dancers moving. On "The Awakening" a barking electric piano takes the lead, with slick chord work and hand percussion providing the energy while haunting vocals add a dollop of atmosphere on top. 
Over on the B side you can find the Teflon Dons doing their thing, this time with two different remixes of "The Offering". AP's OG Remix Dub shapes proceedings into a classic garage vibe, with cut up sax and strings that work with the drums and bass to transform the track into an MK fan's wet dream. The Teflon Royale Dub takes the track even deeper, increasing the bassline pressure while the echoes drag the piano through the stratosphere into outer space. This is the kind of track sure to have the trainspotters making the stankface while scrambling to find out what it is: simple, yet banging.

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