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Eric from America & Chittom - Chomp! Chomp! 001

Eric from America & Chittom - Chomp! Chomp! 001

SKU: Chomp001

Chomp! Chomp! is a new label by Brooklyn based DJ/producers Timo Lee and Mark Chittom. Together they are long-standing members of the dance music community, both in Hawaii at DJ Harvey's Thirtyninehotel and in Brooklyn at Good Room. The label's focus is eclectic dance music created by underground dance producers, aimed at DJ’s and casual fans alike. The first EP - Chomp! Chomp! presents the debut of Golden Mammals - a collaboration between Eric from America and Chittom. Eric is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer with a unique style that pulls from a variety of genres. He is also an active drummer for TV Baby (with members of A.R.E. Weapons), as well as several other bands in New York and past projects in Hawaii. The EP has three original tracks and a remix. "An Hour a Day with You” blends acid house and techno with an obscure leftfield vocal by Chittom. The remix is a dubby techno slow-burner that will work in a variety of settings. On the other side, with two tracks by Eric from America, "At the Met Gala" & "For the Crowd” are two groovy techno-ish tracks with Eric’s unique touches - both are dancefloor and living room friendly. The EP is mixed by Justin Van Der Volgen and Kenji Shimoda, mastered by Rick Essig of REM Sound. Artwork by Dusty Gibbons. Support by DJ Harvey, JKriv, Juan MacLean, Each Other (Justin Strauss & Max Pask), Facets and more. This record is dedicated to our beloved friend Mychal McCurdy. Mike was always our biggest supporter and we miss him dearly.

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