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Ema Remedi - Outsider EP

Ema Remedi - Outsider EP

SKU: VQ081

Uruguayan born Ema Remedi has been honing her craft as a dj for over 10 years, bringing her distinctive style all over the world from Badaboum Paris to D-Edge in Brazil. Currently residing in Berlin she frequently graces the decks at standout clubs Hoppetosse, Goldengate, Sisyphos and Club der Visionaire where she holds a summer residency. Recently she's been hard at work developing her productions for labels like Sketches, Savor Music, Ottavia, to name a few.

The EP opens with "Even Odds", a bouncy track that is ushered in by a twisted, pitched vocal. As the track settles in, delayed synths whirl around only to be cemented by a propelling bass line. A dissonant bell synth carries the track back into punchy, strong percussion all the while tied together by this mysterious vocal loop.

A2, "Why", shudders in with some massively deep low end bass, some truly Berlin synth perc ideas and stripped down drums all while a vocal asks "Why"? among other whispers.

The B side opens with "Open Closing", a track that drops in with beautiful, deep minor chords. The synths start to shift and open up as a moving arpeggio emerges to keep the track moving. It's snappy, clean and full of energy.

The EP rounds out with "No Sun, No Problem (feat. Sol)", a mysterious, aleatoric journey with twisting vocals, punchy synths and twinkling keys that spin upward. The track closes out with fat, bumping bass and stripped down drums that clearly say we don't need the sun to have fun.

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