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Eluize - She Only Counts to Eight

Eluize - She Only Counts to Eight


As we descend into winter and the end of 2019, an EP that, like the shorter, overcast days, is chilly and stark, yet accented with rays of sun that crack through the clouds, glints of starlight, full-moon rises.

These five tracks—six for the digital version—come from Eluize, a Berlin-based Australian gifted at simmering minimal yet acerbic house potions over low heat, patiently coaxing them to a slow boil. Mischievous, creeping concoctions that approach and build sneakily, as layer upon layer is looped, expanded, condensed, dropped out, and slid back in. Each is a beautifully musical piece, too, with as much evolving melody as hypnotizing groove.

An LPH soundtrack for nights that stretch on forever, lit only by blinking lights that break apart seas of heavy fog and slice between silhouetted bodies.

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