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Ellinor Jackson Knowledge

Ellinor Jackson Knowledge

SKU: OG200

O'Girl aka Ellinor Jackson is back once again on Borft! Her debut left me wanting for more. Like label boss Villa Abo said 'Sometimes you just feel right about it'. Although this 4-tracker is her second record out there the music is fully matured house goodness. Stabs and chords builds up a funky groove on a solid beat foundation in Corners Couch. Proper sunset/sundown dance music. Snap Happy dives right into filtered loopy loops and voice samples. It takes its time so you can get snug and cosy and then unleashes a percussion party right at the end so you'll be smile-dancing and sipping fizzy in no time. Shoddy Shoes is a straight up club joint. Dark wobbly techno bass moves dubby stabs forward while a mysterious mist floats on top. Some strong clap action keeps everything moving from side to side! The last track is a lush French Riviera happy moment. Warm pads, classic house piano and bass action all day long. Smiles everywhere and not a cloud in sight! - Sahpo Ripasso

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